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pete holmes wife

For over six years, humorist Pete Holmes has been cheerfully hitched to Valerie Chaney.

While Holmes keeps his virtual entertainment zeroed in on satire, Chaney, with her public Instagram account, offers looks into their day to day life.

In a sincere Walk 2023 post, she shared a birthday recognition for Holmes, communicating, “You are my coziest buddy, and I love you to such an extent!”

“This is the way you love me,” she proceeded. “With a consistent huge YES! Indeed to my unusual contemplations, yes to my jokes, my feelings of trepidation, my fantasies , my accounts, my shadows , my longings , my desires… every last bit of it!!

Everybody ought to become cherished this way and I’m so happy our little girl will have this sort of illustration of affection.”

However Valerie Chaney normally avoids the spotlight, there’s still a lot to find about her.

Here is the finished overview on all that you want to be aware of Pete Holmes’ significant other, Valerie Chaney.


Incessant on Valerie Chaney’s Instagram are her vivacious dance recordings.

As a dance health specialist at an Ojai, California wellbeing focus, she leads week after week Friday morning dance classes.

In a Walk 2022 post, she shared an occasion pamphlet for a cardio dance class and mutual moving.

The ensuing year, she posted a dance video, joined by a subtitle highlighting a positive survey from a member in her dance class.

“‘Val’s class resembles watching a 12-year-old young lady have a dance party in her room…

But she’s agreeable and comprehensive and exceptionally adept at showing you how to jump in and have a good time!’ ” it read.


Past being a cardio dance teacher, Valerie Chaney is profoundly engaged with contemplation, both by and by and educating.

Her Instagram frequently includes declarations of wellbeing occasions and withdraws she has or takes part in.

In November 2022, she advanced a virtual day-long contemplation retreat with yoga, reflection, and careful development.

The earlier month, she publicized a free 4-week online care course integrating reflection practice.

Curiously, reflection is a common interest among Chaney and her significant other Pete Holmes, as the entertainer has straightforwardly examined his contemplation practice in interviews.

In a 2019 appearance on CNN, he said, “I feel like I’m reflecting constantly. I meditate constantly. I’m so glad to share this training, and that is the thing it is, a training.”


Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney participated in a sight-seeing balloon.

In a remarkably heartfelt second in February 2017, Pete Holmes proposed to Valerie Chaney while on a sight-seeing balloon.

The entertainer shared this extraordinary achievement on X (previously Twitter), posting a photograph of their hug mid-flight.

Pondering their commitment to a 2018 meeting with the Los Angeles Times, Holmes uncovered that Chaney genuinely wanted to ride in a sight-seeing balloon when they initially met.

Remembering this, he took her to St Nick Barbara, California, to propose in the skies on one.

The one issue with his arrangement: the man driving the inflatable was right on top of them in the little wicker bushel. “I could experience the intensity of his breath and the tickle of his bristles, and I’m apprehensive, and he’s working the thing,” Holmes said.

He added that he was so bothered by the man’s way of behaving that he was unable to zero in on proposing. After Holmes asked, he said there was a “snapshot of quietness,” and afterward the man said, “A great deal of young ladies say ‘no.’

Holmes said Chaney found the entire circumstance interesting, saying, “We realized a story had simply occurred. That is who you wed, not the young lady who says, ‘That wasn’t the very thing I needed.’ “

Securing the bunch in October 2017, two or three have occasionally displayed their conjugal festivals via virtual entertainment, in any event, denoting their fifth wedding commemoration with online merriments.


Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney with their girl Lila. Photograph: PETE HOLMES INSTAGRAM

In July 2018, Valerie Chaney posted an image on Instagram highlighting Pete Holmes cuddling against her pregnant paunch, entertainingly subtitled, “Does this pregnancy make me look fat?

Furthermore, somewhat cross-peered toward?” Later, on September 25, 2018, she reported the introduction of their girl through another euphoric Instagram post.

Close by two photographs of an infant enveloped by a cover, she expressed, “Welcome to the world Child Lila! There’s giggling and music and canines and air pockets and in any event, when there’s aggravation and experiencing there’s dependably love and light to be found.

Living is a demonstration of trust. You will adore it!”

In January 2023, Chaney shared a sweet photograph on Instagram of herself, Holmes, and Lila nestling on the love seat.

In the subtitles, she expressed, “Cheerful New Year from us! Here’s to unbrushed hair, an excessive amount of television, and being frantically enamored!”


Pete Holmes has the broadly cherished week by week parody digital broadcast, “You Threw off everyone’s vibe,” where he participates in interviews with big name visitors, frequently individual humorists.

Adding an individual touch, in August 2020, he sent off a side project called “We Threw off everyone’s vibe.”

In this adaptation, the conversations reflect the first show, yet there are no VIP visitors; it’s a personal space for Holmes and Chaney to share discussions and humor.


In the midst of sharing photos of her girl, dance recordings, and travel depictions, Valerie Chaney at times gets her Instagram followers to look at her unique verse.

She shared a photograph of a bit of one of her sonnets in June 2023 and it read to a limited extent, “You probably won’t recollect/So I’ll recall for you/What you said that late spring night.”

Age and early life

The joke artist’s original name is Peter-Benoît Holmes.

He was brought into the world in Lexington, Massachusetts on Walk 30, 1979. Pete is of Lithuanian Irish plummet.

Her dad is Irish and her mom is from Lithuania, a country in Europe.

He experienced childhood in Lexington and furthermore went to Lexington Secondary School, where he moved on from secondary school.

Holmes started his school professorship at GordonCollege, Wenham, Massachusetts, where he concentrated on English and Interchanges.

As an understudy, he was important for the gathering that partook in the satire comedy company, Les fous en sueur.

Beforehand, he lived in Chicago and Sluggish Empty, a town situated in New York. He at present runs his profession from Los Angeles.


With respect to religion, Pete Holmes is an individual from the Roman Catholic confidence. He was brought up in an unflinchingly Catholic family.

Since youth, he has gripped to chapel practices and apparently he isn’t prepared to change his religion sooner rather than later.

Wife or girlfriend? Is he married, dating, divorced?

The veteran jokester/television actress has been in a joyfully hitched relationship with a non-big name lady called Valerie Chaney beginning around 2017.

Chaney is the performer’s subsequent spouse, as Holmes was recently hitched to a lady called Becca.

He wedded his most memorable spouse at the period of 22(this is the very year he began his vocation in parody), nonetheless, the association just endured six years because of Becca’s extramarital undertaking with her ongoing husband, essentially distinguished as Rocko.

Although the occasions of Pete and Becca’s marriage are still hush, their separation was not picked as it left him in a horrible state for quite a while and furthermore disturbed his vocation.

Curiously, the joke artist is back in relationship structure, having continued on from his bombed marriage – enormous thanks to Chaney who ended up being his ideal pair.

On a few events, Holmes has kept subtleties of his adoration life out of the media’s span, yet he sporadically shares a couple photographs of his second spouse on his virtual entertainment accounts.

The comic initially pronounced himself and ValerieAs a couple on his Instagram page on October 17, 2015, that he never avoided showing the world that she was so valuable to him.

The two offer a girl who was brought into the world in September 2018.

Is Pete Holmes gay?

The multi-highlighted character’s sexual direction is straight-line in spite of emerging as gay in the debuts of Funny TV Records’ collection Pleasant Attempt: Satan.

All things considered, he doesn’t have and has never shown interest in individuals of his orientation.

Moreover, he is hitched and dedicated to his most memorable spouse until they separated because of his unfaithfulness.

Thus, ideally, let’s ignore any reports guaranteeing the well known entertainer is involved with a man. It’s most probable a trick.

What is his size?

The entertainer, who has amassed a total assets of $3million, stands 1.98 meters tall.

Nonetheless, his weight and estimations are not accessible as of now.

By the way, it is obvious from his photographs that Pete’s weight and body highlights fit impeccably with his character and calling.


  1. Profession: Valerie Chaney is a dance and fitness instructor in Ojai, California, where she teaches cardio dance classes.
  2. Meditation: Valerie is deeply involved in meditation, often organizing and participating in wellness retreats and courses.
  3. Engagement: Pete Holmes proposed to Valerie in a hot air balloon in February 2017.
  4. Marriage: The couple married in October 2017.
  5. Children: They have one daughter, Lila, born in September 2018.
  6. Podcast: Pete and Valerie co-host a podcast called “We Made It Weird,” a spin-off of Pete’s original podcast.
  7. Poetry: Valerie shares her original poetry on Instagram.
  8. Social Media: Valerie’s Instagram offers a glimpse into their daily life and her various interests, including dance, meditation, and poetry.
  9. Birthday Tribute: Valerie often posts heartfelt tributes to Pete, expressing her love and appreciation for him.
  10. Personal Life: Despite being married to a celebrity, Valerie generally avoids the spotlight and maintains a private life.


For over six years, comedian Pete Holmes has been happily married to Valerie Chaney. While Holmes focuses his social media on comedy, Chaney, through her public Instagram account, provides glimpses into their daily life. Valerie is a dance and fitness instructor and a meditation enthusiast. The couple got engaged in a hot air balloon in February 2017 and married later that year in October. They have a daughter named Lila, born in September 2018. Valerie is also into poetry and shares her original works on Instagram. Together, they co-host a podcast titled “We Made It Weird,” where they share personal stories and humor. Despite her husband’s fame, Valerie keeps a relatively low profile.


Q1: What does Valerie Chaney do for a living?

A: Valerie Chaney is a dance and fitness instructor, and she also practices and teaches meditation.

Q2: How did Pete Holmes propose to Valerie Chaney?

A: Pete Holmes proposed to Valerie Chaney in a hot air balloon in February 2017.

Q3: When did Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney get married?

A: Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney got married in October 2017.

Q4: Do Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney have children?

A: Yes, they have a daughter named Lila, born in September 2018.

Q5: What is the podcast hosted by Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney?

A: Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney co-host a podcast called “We Made It Weird.”

Q6: Does Valerie Chaney share her personal life on social media?

A: Yes, Valerie Chaney shares glimpses of her personal life, including dance videos, meditation retreats, and poetry, on her public Instagram account.

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