Acacia Brinley: Villain or Victim? The Downfall of the Original Tumblr Girl – PART 2

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Hi everybody, welcome back to the last portion of the Acacia Brinley breakdown. In the event that you haven’t perused section one, you can think that it is here.

Acacia Brinley is the name she utilized on the web; her genuine name is Acacia Brinley Clark, later different to Acacia Brinley Kersey after marriage.

I’ll in any case allude to her as Acacia Brinley, however it could get mistaken for the presentation of her most memorable girl, who shares a comparative name.

Trigger alerts include: prejudice, youngster misuse, kid disregard, wiped out kids, pedophilia, prepping, and assault. Kindly tread carefully.

Acacia and Jairus

We left Acacia close to the furthest limit of her high school years, around 16-17. During this time, she was going to Twisted Visit, a well known pop-punk/post-punk live concert, where she blended with groups like 5 Seconds of Summer.

Here she met Jairus, who might turn into her future spouse and the dad of her three youngsters: Brinley, Rosemary, and Calliope.

The timetable is jumbled on the grounds that Jairus was locked in to a lady named Olivia when he met Acacia.

Little had some significant awareness of Olivia, then again, actually she dealt with a journey. Jairus, who was in the band Alive Like Me, met Acacia when she was 17 and he was 23 (just about 24).

Olivia tweeted the 1975 verse, “yet she can’t be what you want in the event that she’s 17,” not long after their separation, proposing Acacia was “the other lady.”

However Acacia and Jairus deny dating before she turned 18, proof like kissing, clasping hands, and photographs together propose in any case.

In 2015, they observed Acacia’s eighteenth birthday celebration, moved in together, and reported their pregnancy with Brinley. Acacia was 18 when she got pregnant and 19 when she conceived an offspring. Jairus was 25.

Acacia as a Mother

At first, fans and skeptics alike thought Acacia was an extraordinary mother. They considered Brinley to have a positive impact in her life.

A year after Brinley was conceived, Acacia brought forth another little girl, Rosemary (Rosie), who was brought into the world with alagille disorder, a condition influencing the liver and heart.

Individuals started seeing partiality towards Brinley. Acacia guaranteed it hurt her back to convey Rosie however not Brinley. She additionally said Rosie liked to keep her nails long, which was the reason she didn’t cut them.

While on a climb in cool climate, Brinley was dressed suitably, however Rosie was in an onesie. Acacia said it was useless to dress Rosie appropriately as she ripped off her socks.

Analysis likewise emerged over Rosie’s unkempt hair, driving Acacia to occasionally shave her head. In 2020, Acacia reported Rosie required an open-heart medical procedure.

Before the medical procedure, Rosie was seriously underweight. After the medical procedure, she put on a better weight.

Soon after the medical procedure, the family made a trip to the mountains during Coronavirus, with Rosie, who had quite recently had a medical procedure and was immunocompromised, without a coat.

Analysis went on with cases of a grimy taking care of the cylinder, however there is no particular proof.

Acacia likewise let Rosie lay around unaided, prompting an episode where Rosie was stepped on by their canine during a live stream.

For additional subtleties, you can watch this YouTube video.

Racism Allegations

With recharged consideration on Acacia, individuals uncovered past bigoted tweets and Instagram posts.

In spite of having a Dark taken on sister, she utilized racial slurs and posted bigoted substances, which were not erased until called out.

In 2020, Acacia apologized for her utilization of the N-word, yet the expression of remorse came solely after being called out and has since been erased.

Acacia’s Father – Richard Clark

Young ladies denounced Acacia’s dad, Richard Clark, of improper behavior towards minors.

In spite of this, he stayed in Acacia’s life and had contact with her youngsters.

Previous models who worked with him blamed him for unfortunate behavior on and off set.

Acacia’s sibling’s exes likewise blamed Richard for playing with them.

In 2016, Richard was purportedly captured for ownership of CSAM and attack on a cop.

A capture record was spilled, however its validness is unsubstantiated.

Acacia’s Internet Departure and Return

Acacia was engaged with Depop tricks, selling garments however not conveying them.

She likewise took work from a more modest maker, Debris Levi, and sold it as her own without giving discounts.

Acacia chose to never again show her kids via virtual entertainment.

Jairus quit music and began selling sofas on Facebook Commercial center.

Acacia, embarrassed and broken, avoided the web up to this point.

Acacia and Jairus Divorce

Jairus has been blamed for bamboozling all through their relationship.

As of late, a client uncovered him for cheating, which Jairus guaranteed was non-consensual because of inebriation.

Acacia got back to the web, discounted those she misled, and affirmed the separation on TikTok, expressing her youngsters are “protected with me.”

My Thoughts

Acacia Brinley is a perplexing figure. Her relational intricacy, particularly her dad, and early unlimited web access probably had an adverse consequence.

She has barely any clue of individual personality, changing with patterns and sweethearts’ inclinations.

Pregnant and hitched by 18 with no work experience other than being on the web, she shows delicacy.

In any case, her past as a casualty doesn’t pardon her unsafe way of behaving.

She has harmed numerous with her bigotry and tricks and ignored her youngsters and creatures.

Acacia is both a reprobate and a casualty. Her disturbed past might have driven her to turn into the lowlife she is known as today.

The web’s remorselessness towards her might have added to her own brutality.

What is your take? Tell me your contemplations and assessments underneath. I’ll see you in my next profound jump into Tumblr young ladies!

Acacia Brinley Is Back — YouTuber Accused Of Neglecting Disabled Daughter Returns After Quitting Social Media

Acacia Brinley, or Acacia Kersey relying upon when you joined her being a fan, is getting back to virtual entertainment after discussions pushed her off in October 2021.

The mid 2010s Tumblr period was exceptional, with the ascent of the hyper pixie beauty queen, grit stylish, and a particular fixation on mustaches.

Acacia Brinley stuck out, acquiring popularity through Tumblr and relationships with groups like 5 Seconds of Summer.

What Happened to Acacia Brinley?

Brinley’s life has been reliably tormented with show.

She initially acquired acclaim through Tumblr with her ordinary excellence.

She was connected with previous OTL part Sam Pottorf, which helped her notoriety.

Acacia Brinley Was More than Once Called Out for Reemerged Bigoted Tweets. Throughout the long term, Brinley confronted rehashed allegations of prejudice when fans reemerged old tweets where she utilized racial slurs and talked slanderously about ethnic minorities.

Acacia Kersey Net Worth 2024

  • Total assets: $800 Thousand
  • Genuine Name: Acacia Brinley
  • Moniker: Acacia Kersey
  • Date of Birth: October 22, 1997
  • Origination: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Identity: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Identity: White
  • Age: 23 years
  • Calling: Artist, Lyricist, Performer
  • Orientation: Female
  • Star Sign: Libra

Acacia Kersey, previously known as Acacia Brinley, is an American artist, powerhouse, and online entertainment character who acquired notoriety through her Tumblr writing for a blog and YouTube video blogs. As the frontwoman of the band Watercolor, Kersey’s melodic undertakings are a huge piece of her profession, supplemented by her persuasive internet based presence.

Early Life and Biography

Brought into the world on October 22, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, Acacia is the little girl of Richard and Melissa Clark. She has three kin: two more established siblings, Payton and Keegan Clark, and a more youthful sister, Maelie. Acacia went to a life experience school for her essential training, however insights regarding her advanced degree are obscure.

Early Career

Acacia had an enthusiasm for music and expressions from early on, partaking in school capabilities as a vocalist. She began writing for a blog on Tumblr at age seven and chose to seek after music in the wake of completing school.

How She Got Famous

Acacia acquired genuine notoriety performing live. In 2014, she joined the band Watercolor as the lead entertainer. The band’s most memorable track, “Stick Around,” delivered in 2014, was a hit, and they immediately turned into a pop sensation.


  1. Full Name: Acacia Brinley Clark, later changed to Acacia Brinley Kersey after marriage.
  2. Birth Date: October 22, 1997.
  3. Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  4. Occupation: Singer, songwriter, performer, and social media personality.
  5. Band: Lead singer of the band Watercolor.
  6. Children: Three children named Brinley, Rosemary (Rosie), and Calliope.
  7. Controversies: Involved in multiple controversies, including racism allegations, child neglect accusations, and scams.
  8. Marital Status: Married to Jairus Kersey, later divorced.
  9. Father: Richard Clark, accused of inappropriate behavior towards minors.
  10. Return to Social Media: Returned to social media in 2023 after a hiatus due to controversies.


Acacia Brinley, also known as Acacia Kersey, rose to fame in the early 2010s through Tumblr and her association with pop-punk bands. She gained popularity with her band, Watercolor, and her online presence. However, her life has been marred by numerous controversies, including accusations of child neglect, racism, and involvement in scams. Despite these issues, Acacia continued to share her life online, attracting both support and criticism. Her personal life, especially her relationship with Jairus Kersey and their three children, has been a focal point of public scrutiny. After a period of absence from social media, Acacia returned, aiming to move forward from her past.


Who is Acacia Kersey?

Acacia Kersey, formerly known as Acacia Brinley, is an American singer, songwriter, and social media personality who gained fame through Tumblr and her band Watercolor.

What controversies has Acacia Kersey been involved in?

Acacia has faced allegations of racism, child neglect, and involvement in scams. She has also been criticized for her father’s alleged inappropriate behavior and her relationship with Jairus Kersey.

How many children does Acacia Kersey have?

Acacia has three children: Brinley, Rosemary (Rosie), and Calliope.

What is Acacia Kersey’s net worth?

As of 2024, Acacia Kersey’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

Why did Acacia Kersey leave social media?

Acacia left social media in October 2021 due to the numerous controversies and backlash she faced. She returned in 2023, aiming to rebuild her online presence.

What band was Acacia Kersey a part of?

Acacia was the lead singer of the band Watercolor.

What are some of the specific allegations against Acacia Kersey?

Allegations against Acacia include neglecting her disabled daughter, racist remarks on social media, and selling items on Depop without delivering them.

Who is Jairus Kersey? Jairus Kersey is Acacia’s ex-husband and the father of her three children. He was a member of the band Alive Like Me.

What condition does Acacia Kersey’s daughter, Rosemary, have?

Rosemary (Rosie) was born with Alagille syndrome, a condition that affects the liver and heart.

How has Acacia Kersey’s past affected her current reputation?

Acacia’s past controversies have significantly impacted her reputation, leading to mixed public perception. Some view her as a victim of her circumstances, while others see her as responsible for her actions and the harm caused.

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