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Honkai Star Rail

Whenever there is a game that has many different characters and team-compositions to play, there will always be underdogs and underrated characters who can perform extremely well, but just because they are “Old” or were there on-release, they aren’t given the attention and focus they deserve. While people will usually use Honkai Star Rail top up to get the newest and latest Honkai Star Rail characters to play (With good reason, they’re usually amazing!), older – less flavorful characters are also great.

Kaeya is a shining example of this in Genshin Impact, but we’re here to talk about characters from Honkai Star Rail today, so let’s dig in.

What constitutes an “Underrated” HSR character

Underrated Honkai Star Rail characters or underdogs – characters that are not popular or are often thought of as weak by the community. As mentioned in the intro, Kaeya from Genshin Impact is a great showcase of this, as he is thought to be incredibly weak, yet if you build him properly – just like any other character – he can shine in multiple ways, be it through his Physical DPS build, or just as a great Cryo off-field DPS/Support.

In Honkai Star Rail, underdogs are characters that don’t have a lot of flair, fancy animation, or perceived utility/DPS. And with this explanation, let’s head this list with the Poster Boy of HSR underdogs – Yanqing.

Honkai: Star Rail Yanqing

There was never really a reason to hate on Jing Yuan’s prominent student other than the fact that you can get him instead of more popular Honkai Star Rail characters like Himeko and Welt from the standard banner.

Once you get to know Yanqing through the Luofu Storyline, and his own quest – you learn that he’s a bit of an overconfident youth who tries to surpass his master – nothing wrong with that. We were all young and overconfident at one point in our lives.

Aside from that, Yanqing is a perfectly strong DPS character that can carry you through most of the game’s content. He has a Crit enhancing ultimate and talent, and can even use follow-up attacks. He just has it all!

HSR Serval

One of the first 4-Star Honkai Star Rail characters you’ll get to meet in-game. She is the Rockstar of Belobog, and the eldest of the Landau Siblings, with Gepard and Lynx being the other two. 

Serval arguably has one of the better voice-actors in the game, and her performance is absolutely stunning – both when it comes to her VA, her music, and her strength as an Erudition-Path Character.

She provides the team with some amazing Lightning-AOE damage, and she can inflict a lot of DoTs that Honkai Star Rail characters like Dr. Ratio or Acheron can use (Though it’d be smart to at least have E2 Acheron if you want to put Serval in a team with her).

Honkai Star Rail Yukong

If you look up guides for great teams for Honkai Star Rail, you will struggle to find Yukong in many of them. More often than not, Harmony characters in teams will either be Bronya, Sparkle, Ruan Mei, or Tingyun – and with good reason. All of these Honkai Star Rail characters are extremely powerful, but let’s not undersell Yukong here.

While she may not advance teammates actions, give energy, or recover skill points – Yukong has one of the strongest Crit Enhancing ultimates in the game that also deals a decent amount of damage. Not only that, but she gives a lot of ATK% to her teammates AND has arguably the BEST Non-Combat Technique in the game – Sprint, which gives her a 35% Movement Speed boost for 20 seconds.


While we didn’t cover every underrated character, these are just a few that showcase how really strong Honkai Star Rail characters can end up being neglected by the playerbase for one reason or another.

Of course, while you can always find a Honkai Star Rail account for sale that has the best Honkai Star Rail characters available, or a lot of Stellar Jades saved up to pull for that newest, shiniest one – some of these older Honkai Star Rail characters are still awesome to use!

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