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Who is Dean Phillips’s wife, Annalise Glick?

At the point when Senior member Phillips isn’t on the battlefield, he can frequently be found at home, investing energy with his loved ones.

Starting around 2019, he has been hitched to his subsequent spouse, Annalise Glick.

Not much is known of Glick’s own life since she frequently avoids the spotlight, yet her Facebook page demonstrates that she headed off to college at the Artists Foundation in Los Angeles, California.

After graduation, she established AGG, a contemporary craftsmanship display and home outfitting objective; in any case, it has since closed down.

Preceding wedding Glick, Phillips was married to his most memorable spouse, Karin Einisman, from 1995 to 2015.

Do Dean Phillips and Annalise Glick have kids?

Phillips is the dad of two grown-up girls, Daniela and Pia.

Not much is known of his girls’ lives since they stay under the radar, however he invited them during his most memorable marriage.

Right now, Phillips and Glick have no offspring of their own.

When did Dean Phillips launch his bid for US President?

Starting around 2019, Phillips has filled in as the US delegate from Minnesota’s third legislative region, notwithstanding, he has his eyes set on a greater job.

On October 27, 2023, he declared during an appearance on CBS News that he would be running for president in 2024 as an individual from the Leftist faction.

“I think President Biden has made a terrific showing for our country. Be that as it may, it’s really not necessary to focus on the past. This is a political race about the future,” Phillips said, by means of ABC News.

“I won’t stand by. I won’t hush up in that frame of mind of numbers that are so obviously saying that we will confront a crisis next November.”

Phillips will be testing President Biden, self improvement creator Marianne Williamson, and moderate anchor person Cenk Uygur for the Majority rule designation.

Stance on Campaign Finance Reform

A striking component of Senior member Phillips’ political vocation is his unflinching obligation to crusade finance change.

He has embraced a promise to go without tolerating corporate PAC cash, highlighting the basics to lessen the effect of huge monetary interests in legislative issues.

While serving in Congress, Phillips tirelessly sought after bipartisan goals to resolve squeezing public issues, for example, medical care change, environmental change, and firearm control.

His backing for fighting environmental change has been especially conspicuous, upholding regulation to reduce fossil fuel byproducts and guide the US towards a reasonable, clean energy future.

Advocacy for Small Businesses

Senior member Phillips uses his business foundation to offer particular bits of knowledge into financial issues and the obstructions facing little endeavors.

He enthusiastically supports strategies intended to reinforce and empower private ventures.

His receptiveness to joint effort and cross-party participation has earned him esteem from individual lawmakers from every single political stripe, solidifying his situation as a remarkable defender of manufacturing associations and figuring out something worth agreeing on in the ongoing energized political environment.

Philanthropic Endeavors and Community Involvement

Past his political excursion, Senior member Phillips is perceived for his humanitarian drives and local area commitment.

He plays a functioning job in different altruistic drives, liberally adding to instructive establishments and charitable associations.

His resolute obligation to offer in return and leaving a positive engraving on society highlights major areas of strength for him to public help.

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Senior member Phillips has made a prosperous and multi-layered vocation that traverses both confidential endeavors and the public area.

His significant riches, various foundations, and resolute devotion to capable administration render him a convincing competitor in the 2024 White House race.

Phillips’ ability to connect philosophical holes and seek after bipartisan goals recognizes him in a political field set apart by divisions.

His abundance of information and immovable obligation to public help make Senior member Phillips a convincing choice for those looking for a novel and logical way to deal with initiative.


  1. Marriage to Dean Phillips: Annalise Glick has been married to Dean Phillips since 2019.
  2. Educational Background: She attended the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California.
  3. Career: Glick founded AGG, a contemporary art gallery and home furnishing destination, which has since closed.
  4. Previous Marriage: Before marrying Glick, Phillips was married to Karin Einisman from 1995 to 2015.
  5. Family: Phillips has two adult daughters, Daniela and Pia, from his first marriage. Glick and Phillips do not have children together.


Annalise Glick, married to U.S. Representative Dean Phillips since 2019, maintains a low profile, but her background reveals an interesting career and educational history. She graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and went on to establish AGG, a contemporary art gallery and home furnishings store. Although AGG is no longer operational, Glick’s entrepreneurial spirit is notable. Dean Phillips, who has two adult daughters from his first marriage, shares a committed relationship with Glick, though the couple does not have children together. Phillips, a prominent figure in politics, announced his presidential bid for 2024, bringing more attention to his family, including Glick.


Who is Annalise Glick?

Annalise Glick is the wife of U.S. Representative Dean Phillips, married to him since 2019. She is an entrepreneur and graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

What is Annalise Glick’s educational background?

Annalise Glick attended the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California.

What did Annalise Glick do professionally?

Glick founded AGG, a contemporary art gallery and home furnishing destination, which has since closed down.

Does Annalise Glick have children with Dean Phillips?

No, Annalise Glick and Dean Phillips do not have children together. Phillips has two daughters from his first marriage.

Who was Dean Phillips married to before Annalise Glick?

Dean Phillips was married to Karin Einisman from 1995 to 2015 before marrying Annalise Glick.

When did Dean Phillips announce his presidential bid?

Dean Phillips announced his presidential bid on October 27, 2023.

What political stance is Dean Phillips known for?

Dean Phillips is known for his commitment to campaign finance reform, avoiding corporate PAC money, and advocating for healthcare reform, climate change action, and gun control.

What philanthropic efforts is Dean Phillips involved in?

Beyond politics, Dean Phillips is active in various charitable initiatives, contributing generously to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

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